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Chicago Non MOnogomy Conference

Saturday, May 18, 2019

These Are The Days of Our Poly Lives

Please join Nikki & Chad from Relationships & Reverie as they end the conference through a conversational, interactive workshop. Yeah, that's right, it's not just about them, it's about all of us.

"We'll have a discussion by a couple exploring the poly world together openly and publicly. We will discuss subjects through stories and conversations that have actually happened to us. The good, the bad, and the embarrassing. Anecdotes from two consenting adults."

Topics to include but not limited to:

  • Emotions: NRE, break ups, jealousy

  • Logistics: time, hosting/housing, locations, finances

  • Safe sex conversations and practices

  • Sexual orientation and poly dating

  • Communication techniques that work and ones that have not worked for us

  • Boundaries: they can change and that’s ok. How to discuss them



When it comes to consensual non-monogamy and what that looks like in your relationship, whether it’s swinging, open, polyamory, etc - - because everyone defines it differently - it’s important to COMMUNICATE! YES! ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. COMMUNICATE. We’re not yelling, just telling. Ok, maybe yelling just a bit to get our point across. ;)

COMMUNICATION is key. Remember, you are not with a mind reader. Don’t assume that “they should just know what you mean” or “they should know what you want.” Assuming will only bring on frustration. Talk to one another.

YELLING IS NOT COMMUNICATION. Or talking loudly. No one in the history of arguments has ever said after one person is shouting at the other, “Oh yeah, I totally get it. I totally see your side of things. Thanks for pointing all that out to me.” That’s NEVER happened. So please, TALK to one another. And something else to consider when someone is talking is LISTENING! Listening is just as important.


Safe space discussions

We understand it’s not easy to ask personal questions in a public format. Reach out to us and ask. We promise confidentiality and respect in answering any of your questions.

Our classes, group and private, are ‘no judgement’. We want everyone involved to be heard and respected.

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Navigating the waters

Would you like some guidance in dealing with your feelings? Maybe you’d like a perspective from someone outside of your relationship(s). We offer consultation to help guide you in healthier and happier partnership(s)


Classes are tailored to you

Everyone of our classes is tailored specific to the questions and needs of the audience. We always have an outline to start with but that is just the beginning. We will converse with everyone throughout the class to get a better understanding of everyone’s wants and needs. This helps ensure that ALL attendees are heard and attended to.

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Our Communication Top 10


  • 10. Love is infinite.

  • 9. Don’t take one for the team.

  • 8. Talk the next day. In the daylight. Debrief.

  • 7. It’s only weird if you make it weird.

  • 6. You are valid and so are your feelings.

  • 5. What works in one relationship might not work in another.

  • 4. Self reflect.

  • 3. Advocate for and respect yourself. Trust your instincts.

  • 2. BGBS: Be good. Be Safe.

  • 1. Communicate.


Communication is important